Chamisa’s Lieutenants Hospitalised after Abduction and Lethal Injection

Chamisa’s Lieutenants Hospitalised after Abduction and Lethal Injection


TWO of Zimbabwe’s main opposition political party leader, Nelson Chamisa’s lieutenants, have been left hospitalised after sustaining injuries when they were abducted and tortured by some unidentified men.

Honourable Takudzwa Ngadziore, an opposition legislator and a pro-democracy campaigner, was hospitalised after he was abducted on 1 November 2023 and tortured by some unidentified people who injected him with an unknown substance before dumping him outside Harare.

Hon. Ngadziore, a legislator for the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change political party led by Chamisa, who is also the opposition party’s Youth Taskforce Co-ordinator, was abducted outside his residence in Harare on Wednesday 1 November 2023 by some unidentified gun-brandishing men, who bundled him into a vehicle and blindfolded him with a sack and stripped him naked.

The unidentified men drove Hon. Ngadziore to Christon Bank, which is located outside Harare, where he was tortured using some objects, which he believed to be a taser and iron rods.

As he was being tortured, Hon. Ngadziore was asked about his political activities and the plans for his CCC political party.

The torture lasted for close to one hour before the unidentified men injected him with an unknown substance and dumped him in Christon Bank.

Hon. Ngadziore was found by a passer-by, who gave him a work suit and the opposition legislator was taken to a medical facility, where he is being treated for injuries sustained from the torture.

On Monday 23 October 2023, former Mabvuku-Tafara constituency legislator Hon. James Chidhakwa, was also hospitalised after he sustained injuries when he was abducted by some unidentified men in Harare’s central business district.

Hon Chidhakwa was taken from his vehicle and shoved into an unmarked Toyota Fortuner vehicle by some men who subdued him after they handcuffed his hands.

He was blindfolded and taken to an unknown destination and along the way he was mocked by the unidentified men who criticised him for supporting the opposition CCC political party and its leader.

He was assaulted indiscriminately by the men who used clenched fists, open palms, truncheons and metal rods and also injected him with an unknown substance on his back and was later thrown out of the vehicle onto the ground after the men had cut his clothes with a knife and took off his shoes and threw them away. The men then injected him with an unknown substance on his back.

While he was lying on the ground, the unidentified men ran over Hon. Chidhakwa’s right leg by reversing and driving forward on top of his right leg and removed the blind fold before ripping his dreadlocks using a machete and left him for dead.

Hon. Chidhakwa was found by some artisanal miners in Arcturus, just outside Harare and was given some clothes to cover himself before being taken to hospital, where he was treated for several injuries including fractures.



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