ZLHR Congratulates Mugwadi on Election as NANHRI Chairperson

ZLHR Congratulates Mugwadi on Election as NANHRI Chairperson


ZIMBABWE Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) extends its warm congratulations to Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) Chairperson Dr Elasto Hilarious Mugwadi on his election as Chairperson of the Network of African National Human Rights Institutions (NANHRI).

Dr Mugwadi was elected as Chairperson of NANHRI during the 13th NANHRI Biennial Conference which was held in November 2021.

NANHRI is a network of 46 organisations, including national human rights institutions, ombudsmen and public defenders working in 45 regions of Africa to tackle human rights issues and improve rights protections for all citizens.

For Zimbabwe, this is a historical occasion in that this is the first time that ZHRC will hold the office of the Chairperson of NANHRI.

The election as Chairperson of NANHRI is a reflection of the appreciation of the work that Dr Mugwadi and ZHRC does to promote and protect human rights at a domestic level and the influence this has regionally.

This marks a symbolic point in Zimbabwe’s legacy of human rights and it also affords ZHRC an opportunity to play a prominent leadership role at a regional level in the arena of human rights.

As an organisation which has been collaborating with ZHRC in areas of mutual interest, ZLHR looks forward to continue supporting the organisation in its work to strengthen the cooperation and collaboration between National Human Rights Institutions on the continent.

During his tenure as Chairperson of ZHRC, Dr Mugwadi has developed synergies and complementarities between ZHRC and key stakeholders.

We believe that under Dr Mugwadi’s leadership, NANHRI will aim for greater achievements on the path of promoting, protecting and enforcing human rights across the continent.

ZLHR wishes Dr Mugwadi a success and fruitful tenure as Chairperson of NANHRI and assures him and his administration of our utmost support as National Human Rights Institutions work on inculcating a culture of human rights and enjoyment of democracy in our continent and to ensure that governments continue to be held accountable for the realisation of human rights.


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